How to acquire Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a de-centralized digital currency, it is not backed by any single country or bank and is usable anywhere in the world by anyone with a computer or smartphone and access to the Internet.

Firefox security settings

Attention! Some variables may be outdated in newer Firefox versions, but most options are still available and some security parameters should be changed for your safety.

Disabling unsafe WebRTC activities

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) — an open source technology which allows to transmit streaming data between browsers using «peer-to-peer» technology (p2p). WebRTC is already included in distribution kit in latest versions of Firefox, Chrome / Chromium and Opera browsers. It…

Routing all traffic through Tor network

There are some situations when you need anonymity, but VPN couldn’t always be available for some reason – could be due to some technical reason or being empty handed of the necessary information when you are using a borrowed computer….

BitMessage — the decentralized messenger

BitMessage — decentralized text messaging protocol through a distributed cryptographic network. As same as Bitcoin system works, participants of a network performs as storage servers and distributors of information. It means that no one can remove “disagreeable” or “prohibited” information,…